Our Story


Shrine Coffee is a non-profit, community coffeehouse and an extension of the Shrine of St. Joseph in Santa Cruz, CA. Our mission promotes the culture of encounter and serves as a place of welcome, for all people, whatever stage they find themselves in the pilgrimage of life. We strive to bring our community closer together with love and a great cup of coffee! 

The Catholic Church has a longstanding tradition of supporting excellence in craftsmanship and we hope to carry that on by creating excellent coffee. This tradition was exemplified in the past by Cistercian monks, giving us the pinnacles of beer and wine in Belgium and Burgundy. The attention to detail and love of excellence is truly at the heart of serving others. This commitment to prayerful, community-driven excellence lies at the heart of the Shrine Coffee vision. 

Architectural plans were completed in 2015, zoning permit & building permits from the City of Santa Cruz planning department were secured, equipment has been hand selected, and local suppliers chosen. Rehab construction on the former Marello conference room began in August of 2018, and with our capital fundraising campaign having completed its 2nd phase goal, the final phase and build out completed in January of 2020. Our grand opening is scheduled for March 19th, the Feast of St. Joseph.

All contributions are tax-deductible, more information and online donation portal at www.shrinecoffee.com. Our gratitude in advance for any support, spiritual or financial, that you can lend to completing the building of Shrine Coffee, God bless you!